Top 8 massage cushions to melt away your stress – complete home spa desviacion lumbar

You should consider the Prospera massage cushion if you just want a massage in a small, concentrated area, or would like something to make those long car escoliosis lumbar sintomas drives more tolerable. It comes in just one color: light coffee. It’s designed to be lightweight and thin at 1- x 3 x 6 inches in proportion and 3 pounds operacion hernia discal lumbar in weight. It’s well-made in quality, and quite durable, and very inexpensive.

This massage cushion comes with 4 kneading massager heads that apply a deep massage. It’s quite powerful for its size and will really work those kinks out. The rollers are extremely strong—leaning on them with your full weight won’t slow them down (unlike some of the Prospera cushion’s competitors). You escoliosis toracolumbar can use it on your neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, and legs. (One area at a time, of course escoliosis lumbar consecuencias, given its size.)

One small quality of life touch is that the power switch is on the cord itself and is easy to reach during the massage. This beats out a lot fisioterapia lumbar of its competitors which have the switch on the pillow itself so that you have to remove it from position to access the switch.

The Zyllion ZMA-13-BK is another small but mighty device. This handy little cushion comes in 2 colors: black and beige. It’s built to be compact and quite slim, thinner escoliosis de convexidad izquierda than the Prospera by half an inch or so. It measures 13 x 2.4 x 9.5 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds. Like the Prospera, it’s also well-made and sturdy.

This massage cushion delivers a shiatsu massage with 4 massager nodes that rotate in opposite directions to apply a deep therapeutic massage. It’s quite powerful and hernia discal lumbar tratamiento gives quite an intense massage. In fact, you may want to take care when choosing the highest intensity if your muscles are already in pain. You may also want to add extra layers such as a pillow in between your spine and the massage cushion if the massage feels too strong hernia lumbar l4 l5. The motors are pretty quiet despite being so powerful, so you can easily drift off rotoescoliosis lumbar to sleep if you wish. A very nice bonus is that it also applies heat (which the Prospera does not offer).

The Zyllion has some good safety measures built in. It comes with an overheat protection device, as well as a 20-minute auto shut-off function. This basically means your massage will last 20 minutes each time. You can start it up again to extend it if you rotoescoliosis dorsolumbar wish.

The Belmint seat massager is a very solid full seat massage cushion at a very affordable price. Giving you a delicious Shiatsu massage, you can experience kneading, vibrating, and rolling massage therapy in your pressure and meridian points.

If you suffer escoliosis de convexidad derecha from aches and pains especially radiografia de columna lumbar ap y lateral in your back and shoulder areas, you should definitely consider the Belmint. Its ten vibrating points, coupled with the Shiatsu massage, penetrate your back to release tension, knots, tightness and stress in your problem areas. If you combine it with heat therapy, it will definitely help ease dolor lumbar bajo your aches for the day.

Similar to full-sized massage chairs, you can also actually customize the massage area on this massage cushion. You can choose to have a full back massage or just pinpoint specific areas like your lower back. The massage nodes can be moved to areas where you need escoliosis dolor targeted massaging — a godsend if you’re hurting somewhere in particular.

Overall, it’s a great buy for both the sedentary desk worker or the active person who performs strenuous activities. This massage cushion is very versatile too as you can place it on your computer chair, a living room chair, or even in your dolor sacro lumbar causas car seat. It comes with an AC and a car adapter so you can use it even when driving.