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Taner kılıç has been charged with “membership of the fethullah gülen terrorist organization”, the group that the government holds responsible for the july 2016 coup attempt. The charge is based on the false allegation that taner downloaded bylock, a messaging application the authorities say was used by followers of fethullah gülen.

It has been thirteen long months since the turkish authorities first detained taner on baseless charges of belonging to a terrorist group. His prolonged imprisonment on remand has sparked global condemnation and highlighted just how ruthless the turkish authorities have become in targeting real or perceived critics.

However, after more than a year the turkish authorities have still not been able to provide any credible evidence to substantiate this allegation, or indeed to implicate taner in any criminal wrongdoing.


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Almost two years after a failed military coup in turkey, the country remains under a state of emergency. What has happened during the crackdown?

Turkey is holding presidential and parliamentary elections on 24 june. There will be a second-round run-off for the presidency on 8 july if no candidate wins more than half the vote in the first round.

The state of emergency does not prevent registered political parties from taking part in the elections, and all parties are holding rallies and running campaigns.

But the government has used emergency powers to close down many independent media in the last two years, and most television coverage of the election focuses on president recep tayyip erdogan’s ruling justice and development party (AKP).

Since july 2016 more than 107,000 people have been removed from public sector jobs by emergency decree. Tens of thousands of others have been suspended, but most of them have subsequently been reinstated after investigation.

Approximately a quarter of all judges and prosecutors have been removed from their posts. And a report on the state of emergency issued by the main opposition republican people’s party (CHP) says at least 5,000 academics and more than 33,000 teachers have also lost their jobs.


Since november 2017 selçuk KOZAĞAÇLI , the president of ÇHD, the progressive lawyers association has been detained in pre-trial solitary confinement in the silivri prison camp. He is suffering as a result of the isolation. His repeated demands for occasional contact with other prisoners have been rejected.

Selçuk kozağaçlı is accused together with 19 other ÇHD lawyers of membership in a terrorist organisation (DHKP-C, the revolutionary people’s liberation party/front ) .Some of them are also charged with leadership of DHKP-C. 8 of them are also accused in the ÇHD lawyer’s trial in which 22 lawyers are on trial. The trial started in december 2013, and will be continued on 24 october. The lawyers who are accused in both trials are accused of more or less the same crime, membership in a terrorist organisation, DHKP-C. Their trial is expected to start on 10 th september 2018.

ÇHD is one of the two member organisations of ELDH in turkey. Selçuk KOZAĞAÇLI himself is member of the ELDH executive committee. He has a high reputation outside turkey as a human rights defence lawyer. In 2014 he was awarded the hans-litten-prize by the german lawyers’ association vereinigung demokratischer juristinnen und juristen e.V. VDJ. The biggest german lawyers association deutscher anwaltsverein DAV wrote on occasion of his arrest in november 2017: “according to the DAV, the arrest of kozağaçlı exemplifies a number of cases in which lawyers in turkey have been arrested for defending their clients.”

Turkish president recep tayyip erdoğan at a sunday rally criticized jailed peoples’ democratic party (HDP) presidential candidate selahattin demirtaş, saying he would have approved reinstatement of capital punishment had parliament passed such legislation in response to the crowd calling for demirtaş’s execution, the T24 news website reported.

“this man [demirtaş] is under arrest now? Yes, that’s all. Indeed, the judiciary must make its decision as soon as possible,” erdoğan told a crowd during an election rally in kocaeli on sunday.

Refusing calls for demirtaş’s release to enable a fair presidential election, erdoğan in the eastern province of adıyaman said on june 1: “who are you releasing? The person in jail [demirtaş] has the blood of 53 citizens on his hands.”

Demonstrations began in turkey’s southeast in reaction to efforts by islamic state in iraq and the levant (ISIL) militants to besiege kobani, a kurdish town in syria. The protests later morphed into fierce clashes between pro and anti-kurdistan workers’ party (PKK) groups in which 53 people were killed.

Demirtaş was the HDP’s co-chairperson when he was jailed on nov. 4, 2016 along with several other party deputies as well as the party’s other co-chairperson, figen yüksekdağ.