What could a deadline trade between the leafs and hurricanes look like dolor lumbar ejercicios

According to a variety of sources, the Maple Leafs and Hurricanes have apparently been columna lumbar rx circling each other for nearly a full calendar year, potentially talking trade. That talk has ramped up again more recently with the two teams having their scouts and front office personnel attend each other’s games plenty over the last couple weeks.

But this one on Thursday night caught my eye: Leafs AGM Laurence Gilman taking in the Hurricanes-Sabres game. No question he was escoliosis dorsal izquierda there to scout Carolina, yet again. Two weeks ago he took in a Carolina game as well as two Charlotte (AHL) games.

What I don’t know for sure is why the Leafs keep monitoring the ‘Canes dolor lumbar izquierdo tratamiento. Once they traded for Jake Muzzin one figured they were done scouting for blueline help, unless the Leafs still have interest in one of the ‘Canes right-handed studs. Or, in the interest of adding more muscle and talent up front, are the Leafs monitoring winger Micheal Ferland?

We’ve seen in the past that this could fizzle out and there escoliosis cervical sintomas isn’t a trade to be had, most notably when we remember the Leafs and Flames scouted the hell out of each other a couple seasons back and didn’t do a damn thing. But in the interest of trade rumour season, I got the rest of the writers at TLN to give me their best Leafs-Canes trade proposal. JON STEITZER

I think the issue with a Carolina trade is that it is next to impossible for these teams to land on a 1 for 1 type deal, and the deal is going to get pushed bigger and bigger. There’s no doubt that the Leafs want a RD, and while Hamilton is probably the ideal target, Faulk dolor lumbar lado izquierdo is probably the cost effective option. Carolina wants Kapanen, but understandably that shouldn’t be something Toronto wants to do easily. At the same time, I wonder if Toronto dolor lumbar cronico is trying to address their salary cap issues for next season as well. My deal…

Carolina gets what they want, Leafs get what they want. Carolina gets an overpriced player they will use, the Leafs get someone they can buy out to pay for Hamilton next season, Sparks and Mattheos are because I don’t like Sparks but I do like Mattheos. THOMAS WILLIAMS

I think the ideal situation would be to trade with Carolina in the offseason. Now, you want to keep your roster que es escoliosis dorsal in-tact as much as you can and dolor lumbar tratamiento removing a potential player like Kapanen mid-season might be risky. I love Dougie Hamilton – contract, ability, the perfect package – but they want one of Kapanen or Johnsson and that’s tough to swallow. When the Leafs massive strength is their offense, removing a solid and contributing piece, is difficult.

TVR is a right-handed option that’s under contract for one more year after this one and only carries a $2.3M cap hit. Same timeline contractura lumbar tiempo de recuperacion with Muzzin and is worth more than his current contract. Instead of getting the big-name guy, get the solid option that makes sense financially. SCOTT MAXWELL

One player I want from the Hurricanes, perhaps surprisingly, is not a defenseman. I’m assuming that one of their more high profile d-men will be going to a destination other than Toronto, given the addition of Jake Muzzin. Instead, the Leafs should be thinking escoliosis causas about adding Justin Williams. Williams is a UFA at the end of the season, so this is purely a rental deal, but adding him in exchange for Ron Hainsey and some future value (prospects/picks), while Carolina retains some of the money could be an option if the Canes fail to make up ground in the escoliosis lumbar ejercicios playoff hunt by the deadline. Moving Connor Brown and Patrick Marleau out of the top 9, this would give the Leafs a forward unit that even Tampa Bay may not be able to compete with. I’m thinking about something like this:

This would make for a major upgrade for the Leafs on the right side of their blueline in the short dolor lumbar derecho causas term (Faulk is under contract at $4.8M until next summer), but they need to pay a premium to make that happen while saddling Carolina with Zaitsev’s awful contract. Honestly I don’t think this would be enough to get it done, but this is at least along the lines of how Toronto is going to have to sacrifice in order to get rid of their worst long term money problem.

Again, the Canes and Leafs execs attending all each other’s games escoliosis lumbar de convexidad derecha might not result in anything. They’re almost surely talking trade, but it’s obviously just that right now: Talk. We’ve seen in the past that the reported “Scout” lists at these games hernia discal lumbar sintomas y signos can start to take on lives of their own in the trade rumour world without anything ever coming to a head, but in the meantime we can at least we try to get an idea of how these two teams might fit together for a deal if things get serious.