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We do our everyday tasks day in and day out and most people believe the universe operates randomly. Chaos reigns. Life seems to be full of random surprises which we have no control over. Numerology was long ago a very important science, which is reflected in all the old great thinkers like Plato, Socrates and Pythagoras all believed that reality built on sacred geometry and numbers

Is it random? By looking more closely at events in life it is actually possible to see that the numbers are working behind the scenes. They affect us and trigger us forward. Our entire existence can be broken down into numbers. Every moment that has passed in seconds, minutes, hours, dates, months and years are recorded and woven into a «Universal number pattern factory» containing information about everything that has happened in the past, and all that will happen in the future.

How to decode these patterns? This is where ancient science of Numerology comes into play. Numerology is an ancient scientific method used to decode the seemingly random events that dictate our lives. This is done by translating numbers and their odd intrinsic qualities.

If you ever wonder why life suddenly took an unexpected turn for the better or the worse the explanation lies locked in numbers that reveal trends in both your past and your future. Each and one of us is only an expression of number different combinations. Numerology – One of the oldest sciences on Earth.

The oldest evidence of humans inherent need to count is dating back 35,000 years in the form of clustered notch of an animal bone. Some experts believe that this ability is even older, but nonetheless, it suggests that counting has long been important to humans.

In our modern world there are numerical patterns that governs when you have to get up in the morning to when you have to go to bed, computers are run by numbers, we have phone numbers, social security numbers, birthdays etc. Chaos arise when we forget numbers like pincodes, phonenumbers and birthdays., Tall govern our everyday life. Everybody knows how tedious it is to not remember passwords and PIN codes…

Without number we woudnt have units. No one had been able to buy at the store, weighed goods they traded, the distances between the planets could not have been calculated out (astronomy / astrology). Buildings and shapes, colors, music, everything is based on numbers.

Spiral blades, a human fetus, a storm, the branches of a broccoli, plumage of a bird, the perfect fractals from citrus fruits or tomatoes, a hexagonal honeycomb, spiral shell of a snail or a tornado – there is no end to the universal mathematical fractal nature.

I believe this is wrong. Like everything else in nature, are also human existence a part of nature and a universe that is not chaotic, it`srather extremely calculated and systematic. Complex mathematical patterns form the basis of our existence.

Rudolf Steiner refers to Pythagoras in many contexts, and a reader found a lecture where Steiner addresses number symbolism. Some days you are lucky, other days unlucky. Michael Schumacher has Destiny number 11/2. The tragic skiing accident that put him in a coma occurred on a day marked by his destinynumber. He woke up from coma on a global day 11/2. Very important events in his life happened on days that reflected his destiny number. Individual patterns.

Why most people experience life as hard and heavy in a Personal years 9? Why are some people more «lucky» than others? There are numbers in one’s personal numerological map that determines one’s personality traits, behavioral patterns, thought patterns and what will happen with us.

The truth is that when you start to become aware of the numbers behind both large and small events, you will see that there is a remarkable consistency and logic in both how things are happening and what is happening. All it takes is that you become conscious of these patterns, because then you can also deliberately influence and change the results.

We are also creating the future together, and the collective human souls further development depends on that we elevate our consciousness, so that the individual becomes aware that it is an integral part of the cosmos which is controlled by geometry and numbers. We need to stop messing us and find back.

There is an underlying order system that reveals the perfect mathematical order of the universe and life on earth, and it has for far too long been ignored. Hindus, Chaldeans, Babylonians and Egyptians knew the hidden meaning of numbers. Masonic Symbol with appropriate angle and the letter G.

Birth name and date of birth has therefore a far greater effect on life than most people realize. The data «stored» in birth name and birth date contains codes the entire life is built on. These codes you have chosen for yourself, but this you have forgotten.”