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Rose -S85 – Sia – thank you for your love and support. It pains me to say that I feel stuck in this anger phase. I know I need to move past it to heal properly. One of the things that both W and I did well in the end was conflict avoidance. While perfecting this avoidance tactic communication became limited and strained. I knew things were not right but after hernia lumbar ejercicios prohibidos reaching out countless times to reconnect both physical and non physical. We both ceased to really communicate. I no longer reached out feeling hurt- unattractive – unloved an appreciated and she did the same. I take ownership in my part in this and could have handled things differently.

Mary had been seeing John for a period of time and things were going well. During one rough patch in the relationship they temporarily decided to give each other time and space to figure things out separately. During that time Mary went back to live with mom and dad 7 hours away. During the separation period Mary met Bob and began to like Bob in more ways than a friend. Mary and Bob became close and confided in one another. As time passed Mary and John slowly began to communicate- first about simple things but as time went along Mary began to see why she had loved John so much. Things progressed with both men . Mary thinking she had more invested dolor lumbar izquierdo with- John agreed to try again with John prompting a move back 7 hours away. As things got better with John – Mary constantly asked herself " what if…. with Bob?" Being truly torn and wanting to be up front with John she opened up and told him about these feelings. John was very understanding and let Mary express her true feeling without guilt or shame. In the following days John had got Mary a present .She opened it up- it was a ticket to travel back to see Bob. When Mary asked – John said that he would not stand in the way of Marys happiness. He wanted for Mary to see Bob and and although he would be hurt If Mary left permanently -he would be most happy for her. Mary thought about this for a couple days and decided with John’s blessing that she would go. On the day of the trip- John dropped Mary off at the train station not knowing if this was the last time he would see Mary. They said their teary goodbyes and ejercicios hernia discal lumbar then John left the station. 3-4 hours later John gets a call from Mary. Not knowing what it is he picks up. John asks Mary whats wrong? Mary said I hope you have travel insurance or at least I hope you can get a refund on this ticket? John ask why? She said she wan’t going to see Bob. When pressed for a answer Mary said I no longer wish to see Bob because when you bought me the ticket it showed how you loved me so much you were willing to let go of everything- This is the person that I want to spend my life with. So the fairy tale ends – and they lived happily ever after. BTW this is a true story -but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Steve85, Sia I’m glad that story helped you. As for me I have started a new job this week with a start up company looking to move to the next level. I am excited radiografia columna lumbar about the opportunity and look forward to the challenge. My challenge now is to find my balance – I do not want to backslide and loose all the hard work therefore I have continued to go to the gym at 5am- i missed Monday just wanting to see how much I need to get ready but so far have continued. This is one area in my life i do not want to change. Before I was M – I was active and hardcore into the gym. I even did some training with W at first. I even went to the gym the day I got married. I shortly stopped after S was born. I take ownership of that. Now I want to find balance. This is why I may not post or be on here so often.

One thing I want to share with you guys is last night while saying prayers, my S says " Dear Lord please help mom open her eyes". Now I know not to mind read but I think it means he wants his family back together escoliosis lumbar derecha. He still does not talk to her or reply to her texts. I’m doing my best to stay clear. Earlier this week i was thanking him for his help in my transition letting him know my priorities are still on him and I asked him does he want to see IC in this transition? He said "No. I’m good" . Should i reach out to him and say Moms been gone for 4 months now – It seems she’s made up her mind and we need to start accepting her decision but continue our best dolor lumbar y pierna izquierda to have an awesome life -individually, together no matter what. Or should I just steer clear of the situation. I feel he seems to be stuck and may not want to accept it. Any thoughts and suggestions is welcomed.

I have not been here much because I have been really busy with the new job. There is so much to learn. S and I continue on our path -I recently got S a small accessory he wanted for his computer because he has not missed a day of school and has done all his homework and assignments. He was happy. My W came over yesterday for more clean up – S stayed upstairs in his room doing his homework the whole 2 hours. W seemed better and was even joking with me at times . We had some small talk about my new job, the dog but more detailed talks about S. I made sure to validate where I could and give her as much info about sIt seemed very relaxed dolor lumbar embarazo primeras semanas no tension. She did bring back empty boxes for me from her move saying that I could use them when I move. Anyways no R talks. Just same old same old. Really no feelings either way – no butterflies no anger just blah. One other thing that happened was when I told S that W was coming over – I said he should not keep all this anger pent up inside. I also asked him why he choose to stay with dad? He said because he is mad at mom and that he could learn more from dad. I then asked – what has mom taught you all these previous years. He said " nothing" . I said what has dad taught you. He said to work hard – give it your all and never quit". Lastly I said If you are so mad at mom – is there room in your heart if she wanted to to come home? He said -yes I want my family back. So I left it at that. I’m still plugging away and doing my best. Thanks all for all your support- Blessings!

I have been working at my new job and it is taking up a lot of my time. My new boss seems to be a good guy but often blows a fuse quite easily so I’m trying to get up to speed quickly . I apologize that I have not been on here as much to interact but also to return the love and support that I feel from all of you. Know that you are all in my daily prayers.

RR and escoliosis levoconvexa Rose first and foremost thank you for your continued interest and support. As hard as it is to take, the 2X4 are what is needed. It has been a blessing to have you on my side. Your comments often ring truth. It is true that you are only getting one side and so you need to base your comments based upon facts you are given.

I read your input on validation hernia discal lumbar and fully agree with what you said . I am actively using these techniques at home and at work and have a long way to go. In my last interaction with W- I went into it with no expectation. We did our usual thing- I tried to validate where I could. I also found that this time there was the most communication that we had in a long time talking about my job, S. No talks about R but just day to day stuff. I also found it a little more relaxed and maybe that is why there was more communication. There was even more friendly joking involved.

Where my head is now is that I don’t have feelings of love or euphoria for my W. I do not know what I want. She strikes me as just the mother of my child. If I were to be looking to actively date at this time she would not get my attention at all. I’m not sure what I want to do BUT I do want to honor my vows and the covenant that I made along with my desire to have a family. For my S sake- I need to do what is best because I don’t want to R only to have him crumble again. This is the second M my W has walked away from. I can say I care for her well being but my heart does not go a flutter when she is in my presence. I’m just focused on getting me and S and how to get better.

On a good hernia lumbar sintomas note I last nite I went to see S play in the band for his schools awards night. He asked that I not reach out to W so she was absent. It was a VERY proud moment when he was called up for the honor roll even though he had such a rough time last year after BD. Gonna spend this weekend to celebrate with him.

mtb, equalzr, -It is a new job but I am up for the challenge! thank you for your kind words I hope you both are doing well, sorry I have not posted in your threads lately but I do check sporadically. Know that I share your journey and pray that you both find peace.

Rose I’m always thankful for you giving me a females perspective. S used the first statement and mentioned not to tell mom. The conversation ended there. I do wish she were there because it was such a PROUD moment -after seeing him so broken after DB – missing school and almost failing a class and to be able to stand among all these wonderful students overcoming adversity.

RR- First and foremost-THANK estenosis lumbar soluciones YOU! I often feel you come at me hard. It is these 2X4s that really make me look deep within trying to sift through the substance of my being. It allows me challenge my actions, words and values. Am I still angry? Yes- at times I am. Sometimes these feelings come and go. Sometimes the stay and fester. It is these extended periods where I feel she has hurt me to the core. Where I feel that she betrayed me – on a level farther than I can explain. I feel she use the bait and switch technique- coming to my church then persuing me and then all of a sudden she is some one I don’t know. I don’t know if she still goes to church but I think she is still tied up in this new age religion BS. I know- let her go and remove her from my head space but I feel as if I gave her the best years of my life. Now I know I sound like I’m playing the victim card and I know it is not healthy. I too am well aware that after BD- this could very well be the BEST years dolor lumbar causas of my life but is it up to me to make that happen.

The phrase the you gave earlier about swallowing poison and anger is the same phrase that I used early in my thread about FORGIVENESS. Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. This is the essence of my belief and value system. It is said in my daily prayer. It is by following in the footsteps of Christ we not only become happy but even better we become more holy ( whole-ly). It is almost a year since BD and I still cycle between good and bad days. My IC said to read the book – The art of Forgiveness. He also said I will be hard pressed to find or nurture love in my heart if anger lives there. He says it is OK to be angry it is one of the steps to healing but you must try to positively channel that energy. This is what I use at the gym or when I am cycling. RR- you are absolutely right that I must let go of my anger and fully forgive. I am not there yet but will try to steadily work towards escoliosis fotos it. And maybe once attained I will be able to find PEACE.

Again- I am amazed by the love and support from the vast amount of strangers that come and read and offer advice. And as an act of Love – You leave some kind words, offer support and create an internal bond -leave a lasting impression.( You guys know who you are). I feel it is like I am in a hospital bed and out of the kindness of your heart – you poke your head into my room- sit at my bedside and offer me Love, Hope and Support without judgement or knowing who I am. For this I am truly grateful cirugia de columna lumbar recuperacion.

Dear LW, I am glad you landed the new job and are living up to the challenges it presents. God only knows how fragile our emotional state is but a change as significant as this is cathartic in my opinion. It offers a platform to invest yourself mentally. I am also happy to hear of your S’s successes. I am not just a new DBer, as you know I am relatively an inexperienced parent as well. My oldest is only 3.5 so I have so much to experience and learn in that realm.

On reading your post I asked myself what I should do if there is something about my D that makes me proud, the answer was I should share it with her other parent. Mind you, I am not doing that at all right now, I am acting like he should lose out on all such moments as well because it was his decision to leave the family. But I think I have to work on changing that on my side, he wronged me but he still is the father of my precious Ds. I should not punish him by taking away from the moments of happiness that our children will provide. He deserves that experience too.

I will let the other more experienced parents contractura muscular lumbar weigh in on if you should have included your WAW in your S’s performance. At that age I am not sure if you should ask him to open his heart to his mother so she can experience the joy of seeing him shine too. Maybe that will show him that you are yourself opening your heart and showing forgiveness.