Wisconsin broadcasters association preparacion para radiografia de columna lumbosacra bioimagen

The young professionals’ session later that afternoon will be about state politics and will meet at the State Capitol. The group will tour the Capitol and then meet with Michelle escoliosis dorsolumbar Kussow from The Capitol Group who will talk about how laws are made and changed at the Capitol. The young professionals will also hear from veteran political reporter Jessica Arp. We hope the attendees will consider joining State Legislative Day the following day.

The WBA Awards for Excellence competition and WBA Student Awards are both open and taking submissions. Don’t put off making your submissions! Truly, we can’t stress that enough. The deadline for hernia lumbar the WBA Awards for Excellence is Jan. 9 at 11:59 p.m. CT and the Student Awards close on Jan. 18 at 4 p.m. CT. Disqualifications have grown over the last two years, and many of those disqualified entries are submitted at the last minute. Awards Committee member Tom Swigert complied some tips radiografia dorsolumbar to help you avoid disqualifications, and we even produced a fun video to help you as well. Find both here.

Happy New Year to Wisconsin’s local broadcasters. It’s been an honor to serve as your Chair during this turbulent, exciting, and challenging year. I’ll leave you with some resolutions that I hope we all can agree are good for our industry, our state association and each other.

Resolution No. 1: Become a First Amendment zealot. The freedoms escoliosis tratamiento of the media, guaranteed in our sacred Constitution, have never been under attack in the manner they are today. State legislators try to gut Wisconsin’s open records laws. The President of the United States refers to the free press as the “enemy of the people.” Regardless of your political leaning, we need to be vigilant and more aggressive in protecting the First Amendment on behalf of our audiences and fellow citizens.

Resolution No. 2: Recommit to the WBA. Your state operacion de columna lumbar recuperacion association advocates and serves on your behalf. Let’s reciprocate in bigger and more meaningful ways. Attend our conferences (and send more of your fellow employees), make donations to the WBA Foundation to help ensure our legacy, serve on WBA committees that interest you, run the NCSA/PEP schedules (this is our No. 1 funding source!). In short, our association needs all of us like never before. Let’s step up.

Resolution No. 3: Lobby with the WBA. Our state and federal elected officials work for us. Time and time again, when we’ve spoken with a strong and hernia de disco lumbar tratamiento unified voice, we are heard. Join us for our state Legislative Day and the Federal Legislative trip to Washington, D.C.

Resolution No. 4: Invite young people into your business. Look around the management and ownership tables and you’ll likely see a group of dedicated herniated lumbar disc sleeping position professionals who love television and radio. But how many of them represent the next generation of professionals who will be making important decisions about our future? Speak to students. Invite younger broadcasters into the fold. Mentor a student. Our future depends on it.

Resolution No. 5: Be a change embracer. I decided a while ago to stop pining for the past. The future is here, it is now, and yes: everything is changing. Our industry has seen changes in technology, audience behavior, content and delivery of our products at breathtaking speed. But isn’t it reassuring that regardless of how we deliver our products, there is strong demand for information, entertainment, and local commerce solutions in our contractura lumbar sintomas markets?